Rediscovering Vilna through the Lens of Archaeology

When: Sunday, November 19 2017, 2:30 pm

Free. Donations Appreciated.

Rediscovering Vilna through the Lens of Archaeology Image

For the past 25 years, Dr. Richard Freund and an international team of researchers and their students have worked in Israel, Spain, Greece, Poland and Lithuania uncovering some of the most unique sites of Jewish history often without excavating the site. Using non-invasive geoscience and archaeology, the University of Hartford's research team has now worked on sites in Poland and Lithuania recovering the history of the grandeur of the Jewish life that existed before the Holocaust and insured that the mass burials of Jews will be protected through careful scientific mapping of the sub-surface. Freund's group consists of geophysicists, geoscientists, archaeologists, historians, architects, and has used the testimonies of the survivors as a road-map for documenting the Holocaust.

Open to the public. Walk-ins welcome. 

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