Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

To be Boston’s foremost Jewish cultural center, serving as a vital community resource for Jewish living, by preserving the history and memory of past generations, creating meaningful connections to be relevant in the present, and exploring new pathways to build a vibrant Jewish future.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to preserving history by restoring our building and embracing the collective memories of the past, while simultaneously establishing ourselves as a significant community and cultural resource in Boston. We will strive to always be relevant in today’s world and become a bridge to the future through programming, partnerships, exhibitions and holiday/life-cycle celebrations. By fostering awareness and inspiring historical, cultural and spiritual connections, we will build community, perpetuate an enduring Jewish identity and create a vibrant future. 


We welcome the entire community to join us and we encourage the participation of interfaith couples and families; and people of all backgrounds, abilities, and sexual orientations.

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