Wexner Fellow Tween Discussion

When: Sunday, April 7 2019, 12:30 pm
Where: Private home. Address provided with registration.

$18 for one attendee, $25 for two siblings.

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Special opportunity for tweens to meet with Harvard Kennedy School Wexner Israel Fellows! Please join us for a workshop with Hagay, a lieutenant colonel in the IDF and his wife Michal, an Israeli teacher- to identify your own potential and clarify what’s most important to you in life. Learn from the amazing personal story of Hagay and Michal how to use all the wonderful talents each and every tween has to move forward and achieve personal, social and communal success.

Wexner Fellows are outstanding Israeli government and public service professionals, pursuing a one-year mid-career master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. The Vilna welcomes everyone aged 9 through 15 to join us in a private home downtown for a pizza lunch and conversation with a Fellow. Your child(ren) will get to make connections with each other and engage with a leader in Israeli society, here for the year through the Harvard Kennedy School. Drop off encouraged.

Lt. Col. Carmi currently is completing an MA in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School. He heads a new department in the Special Operations Division of the IDF responsible for addressing unprecedented national security challenges. Hagay has contributed significantly to major projects, seven of which won the Israel Defense Prize. He holds an MA in electro-optical engineering from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University. Michal Carmi has been working for fifteen years as a teacher of Hebrew Literature in Israeli high schools. More recently she also has been teaching the Shefer Approach, a dynamic Israeli conflict resolution methodology (based on Adlerian principles). She also utilizes life empowerment training. Her articles are published on the Kippah website. Both Hagay and Michal are active in community initiatives in Israel and here during their time at Harvard. They are raising seven children, ages 4—17.

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