NOVA Holocaust Escape Tunnel Screening

When: Wednesday, November 1 2017, 7:00 pm

Free, registration required, donations appreciated.

NOVA Holocaust Escape Tunnel Screening Image

Special screening of the NOVA film Holocaust Escape Tunnel. For centuries, the Lithuanian city of Vilna was one of the most important Jewish centers in the world, earning the title "Jerusalem of the North" until World War II,when the Nazis murdered about 95% of its Jewish population and reduced its synagogues and cultural institutions to ruins. The Soviets finished the job, paving over the remnants of Vilna's famous Great Synagogue so thoroughly that few today know it ever existed. Now, an international archaeological team is trying to rediscover this forgotten world, excavating the remains of the Great Synagogue and searching for proofofone of Vilna's greatest secrets: a lost escape tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners inside a horrific Nazi execution site. The movie will be followed by a panel discussion with artist Samuel Bak, survivor ofthe Lithuanian camps; author and Holocaust researcher Michael Good; Director Kirk Wolfinger; and, Paula Aspell, Senior Executive Producer of NOVA. Doors open at 6:00 PM.  

Watch the film trailer below.


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