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Making A Contribution to the Vilna

Thank you for supporting the Vilna Shul and Jewish Culture in Boston!

Please consider giving to one of the giving circles below.  Your support helps to create vibrant programming within this historic Jewish landmark. 
To make secure online donations, please use the appropriate PayPal “Donate” button below. If you do not have and do not wish to make a PayPal account, please press the "Donate" button and then click "Continue" under "Don't have a PayPal account". Checks made payable to the Vilna Shul can also be sent to The Vilna Shul at 18 Phillips Street, Boston, MA 02114. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and depend on support like yours!

Mensch - Esteemed person  $10,000
Your generous actions today help us continue to grow and reach out into the greater community.

Rosh - Leader  $5,000
Lead the way for the Vilna's future as we cement our role as Boston's premier center for Jewish Culture.

Tzedek -Righteous One  $2,500
A Tzedek blazes a trail of justice. Help ensure a vibrant Jewish future and fortify our role in history.

Rav - Sage  $1,800
Wise is the one who gives help where it is needed. Your gift helps us open our doors to young adults, families with children, adult learners, and so much more.

Shammes - Caretaker  $720
Be a partner in filling our historic building with song, laughter, film, music, lectures, and ruach (spirit).

Chaver - Friend  $360
With friends' support, we strengthen our impact.

Moreh - Teacher  $180
Teach by example. Your gift enables us to be the example of an institution bridging its past to its future, perpetuating an enduring Jewish community.

Talmid - Student  $72
We are lifelong students of our rich heritage and together look toward a bright future.

Other - any amount you are comfortable giving

Operations/Annual Fund

Support our day to day work at the Vilna. 

Honoring Others

Make your donation in honor or in memory of friends and loved ones.


Programs and Events


Click the button on your right to support our year-round public programming and events, including lectures, concerts, Shabbats, and more!



Havurah on the Hill

Support HOH, a progressive and inclusive young adult community who has called the Vilna home for over a decade. 



Guided Tours of the Vilna


Click the button to donate and support our daily tours of the Vilna. Your support ensures that learners of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the Vilna's unique history. 

Richard Mintz Building Restoration Fund

Donate and support the restoration of our historic building.


We appreciate your support and know that many of you would like some information on how your funds are put to work.

  • Donations for programs (not Havurah on the Hill) go to support our vibrant community and include the cost of speaker travel, operations, staff time and other services such as food or drink.
  • Donations to Havurah on the Hill provide vital operating support that enable current and future Shabbat and holiday programs, help the Vilna Shul preserve and restore the building and its collection, and promote the development of new programs and classes.
  • We are also seeking individuals, groups, companies, and families who are interested in sponsoring our programs or would like to help with the financial support needed to restore the Vilna Shul.
  • Any donations made in honor or memory of someone are acknowledged by the Vilna Shul and kept in our permanent records.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Barnet Kessel at 617-523-2324 or